to advance human society — продвигать вперед человеческое общество

to bring about a democratic society — создавать демократическое общество

to build (up) a new society — строить новое общество

to examine human society — исследовать человеческое общество

to fall through the cracks of society — опускаться на дно; превращаться в отбросы общества

to institute a society — основывать / учреждать / создавать общество

to reshape society — изменять общество

to shackle society — сдерживать общественное развитие

to transform society — преобразовывать общество

to withdraw from society — удаляться от общества

to work for a freer society — бороться за создание более свободного общества

- affluent society
- antagonistic society
- balanced society
- birthmark of the old society
- bourgeois society
- building society
- bureaucratized society
- capitalist society
- civilized society
- class society
- closed society
- consumer society
- contemporary society
- developed society
- divided society
- dregs of society
- economic remaking of society
- exploitative society
- fair society
- formation and development of society
- free society
- global society
- high society
- human society
- industrial society
- industrialized society
- just society
- law society
- market-orientated society
- modern society
- multiparty society
- multiracial society
- mutual-aid society
- needs of society
- open society
- outcast of society
- patriarchal society
- permissive society
- pluralistic society
- political foundations of society
- producers' co-operative society
- progressive society
- Red Crescent Society
- Red Cross Society
- religiously pluralistic society
- repressive society
- scientific society
- secret society
- sectors of society
- secular society
- segments of society
- sick society
- socially homogeneous society
- society at large
- society free from drugs
- society of free enterprise
- society plagued by prostitution and drug addition
- society with a high level of organization
- sports society
- stable society
- students' scientific society
- totalitarian society
- voluntary society

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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